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background addis guenet church ethiopiaBackground of Addis Ababa Guenet Church: Ethiopian Guenet Church (EGC) is established by Finish Mission Pentecostal Pioneer Missionaries, (Mr. & Mrs. Mathson, Mr. & Mrs. Hadiho and Mss. Helvi Halme), in 1951 E.C. The missionaries when they first settled in Ethiopia, they started mission work along with other development activities. They opened elementary schools in Wolmera western Shoa, & Shebe Keffa regions. Besides; they also opened clinics at Holet, western Shoa and at Chekorsa & Shebe in Keffa regional state and orphan center in Debrezeit.
One of their mission center is in Addis Ababa at Sebategna area near Merkato, named Finland Mission Church. This was the beginning of today’s Addis Ababa Guenet regional church.




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asdfadsfFrom the establishment of the Ethiopian Guenet church 1951-1973 GC was served and led by the missionaries. But after 1973 GC the whole work of the mission and the leadership were started by the natives and the evangelism work was spread all over the regions of the country. After church plantations and contextual structure the Ethiopian Guenet church was established. Now it has 10 regions. One of the regions is Addis Ababa Guenet regional church and it has 20 local churches and 10 outreach center in all parts of Addis Ababa city and around 50 kilo meters.

Vision Statement

vision addis ababa guenet church ethiopiaTo see flourished well organized local churches, organized & developed regions, increased number of disciple leaders, ministers & church members through evangelism & church planting, and also serve the community through holistic ministry in Addis Ababa city & the surrounding.


Mission Statement

Mission Addis Ababa Guenet Church Ethiopia Region OfficeIn response to fulfilling the vision of the Ethiopian Guenet church, the Addis Ababa & surrounding Guenet church regional Office is producing ministers, future leaders & serving the Christian community through holistic ministry to fulfill the great commission.


Core Values

  • Faith & faithfulness
  • Truthfulness & transparency
  • Justice for all
  • Respect & tolerance of each other
  • Love & unity
  • Honesty & commitment
  • Fear of God & imitation of Christ
The First Finland Missionaries who Came to Ethiopia and spread the Gospel of Christ in 1951 E.C,
Mr. Matson and Ms. Analiza Matson.


Addis Guenet Church Ethiopia Addis Guenet Church Ethiopia Addis Guenet Church Ethiopia Addis Guenet Church Ethiopia
Ethiopian Guenet church, the Addis Ababa & surrounding Guenet church regional Office Inauguration


Ministries & Categories

Management Board
Executive Committee
Coordinating Secretary


Spiritual Department
 Evangelism & Mission

 Education & training

  • Material producing,
  • training,
  • Bible school
Youth & teenagers
Marriage and family
Administration & Finance Department. 
Finance Section
Development Department
Social service




Coordinators of Addis Ababa Guenet Church Regional Office


Name of Secretarial coordinator

Duration of coordinating



Pr. Ashebir Ketema

1992 - 1998

 Ashebir Ketema


Pr. Gossaye Alemu

1998 - 2003

 Gossaye Alemu


Abrham Tadese

2003 - 2008

 Abarham Tadesse


Baynesagn Berhe

2008 - 2009

 Baynesagn Berhe - small


Provisional Secretarial coordinator & Committee

2010 - 2011



Getu Aweke

2012 - 2014

 Getu Aweke


Gedion Desalgen

2015 - till now

 Gedion Desalegn


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Contact Addresses

Educational & Training Sub-Dep. head
Zekarias Santa : +251 913 14 71 74
Provisional Coordinate Secretary
Gedion Desalegn : +251 911 15 82 56
Magazine Coordinator
Eyosias Eyuel : +251 913 81 09 09
Development Department Head
Abrham Tadese : +251 911 69 35 84
Spiritual Department Head
Gerawork Getachew : +251 913 06 15 11

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