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Our Coordinator Secretary Message

Gedion Dessalegn

Priority for the Great commission and Great Commandment

Act.1:8-“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

The Great commission which has been given to the church (Math.28: 18-20) has two purposes.

1. To reach all people by the Gospel of Christ.

In order to reach all people by the power of the Holy Spirit and by powerful message of the gospel, which is proven by miracles & wonders, the church has to preach the gospel so that sinners will be repent and turn from darkness & bondage of sin to the eternal life. This kind of ministry is accomplished when we are working with Holy Spirit. Even today the Lord is approving his word by making miracles & wonders while He is working with his people. The gifts of the Holy Spirit & the fullness of his power & all the experiences of the gifts of the Holy Spirit are given to reach all people by the gospel of Christ. The Church has to give priority for the gift which God the father has given his son, in the same way the son of God has given his life and also The Holy Spirit has given his power & grace to redeem all people.
All the resources of the church i.e. members of the church, evangelists, church leaders, all ministry groups, all finances and properties of the church should be used for gospel work i,e, for the salvation of all people which should be given priority & which is the heart of God. The church has to follow the strategy of the first century church in order to expand the gospel from where she found to other places of the world. Acts.1:8

2. To make true disciples of Jesus Christ

In order to make believers kept in faith and in the kingdom of God, besides; to make them influential in their congregation and in their community, they have to be taught by the word of God to be servant leaders. It is also the responsibility of the church to teach, trained & organized believers to exercise their gifts, sonship & their priesthood to live and serve in the church. The church also should be organized believers according to their age & sex and teach them sound doctrine using well prepared curriculum so as to make them Disciples of Christ. (Jhn.21:15) The church has to produce servant armies who are revealing Christ in their life and bear the cross daily to play a great role to fulfill the great commission. The church also has to give special attention to teach sound teachings of Christian truths for the people to protect the generation from easy living that doesn’t reveal Christ and unwilling to pay the price that costs sacrificial & sanctified living of Christianity.
To reveal and expand the ministry that the believers should be salt and  light in keeping the balance of quality and quantity first prepare by teaching  pastors and teachers and second using well designed and contextualized curriculum  the pastors and teachers should teach believers to produce mature, fully empowered disciples by the word of God. It also important to protect believers from those who are making business in the name of ministry, and at the same time to produce energetic, powerful ministers & candidate leaders.
Finally, to come back to the right position of the great commission which was given by our Lord, we have to repent and to proceed to fulfill it starting from today thinking that we have spend our time replacing the great commission with great confusion without having any fruit. The Holy Spirit who is working according to his will working with us to give us victory and tremendous fruits for our Christ Centered ministry.

God Bless Guenet Church!


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